#NoCorresSola de DKV

#NoCorresSola Is an initiative of DKV Seguros Médicos by the agency and Compact FMRG and Comblue which has developed all the digital part.

Even if your city is not already in the calendar of the Women’s Race, now you can express your support actively in the fight against breast cancer. DKV Seguros Médicos makes it possible with its NoCorresSola action.

How? Wherever you are, wear something pink and salt to run, to walk, to patinaro a walk with your dog, the next Sundays Racing Women are held.

You can also download your solidarity dorsal NoCorresSola here to make it run by the networks. The important thing is to demonstrate your solidarity with brokers and maximum sending share your photos, videos and messages of encouragement. Also, if you hang your photos from the platform part and win, you can win prizes.

Client:DKV Seguros Médicos
Date: June 23, 2014