Viaje a Ceylán by Adolfo Dominguez

web Viaje a Ceylán

Adolfo Dominguez and Antonio Puig launched last November 25, 2013 until January 27, 2014 a photo contest on its Web http://www.viajeaceylan.com and Instagram, in order to reward a new talent with a trip to Sri Lanka to make the next story for the brand.

To achieve this amazing prize, users had to register on the website www.viajeaceylan.com and upload their best travel photography from both the web and from Instagram with the hashtag # viajeaceylan .

During the days of competition , there have been more than 1,000 users on the web , raising a total of 20,000 images , 84% from the web and 16% from Instagram. The level of the participants was very high photographs , fulfilling the goal of making the action was qualitatively successful, not only to participate but also of the photographs presented .

About Viaje a Ceylán

Viaje a Ceylán by Adolfo Dominguez is inspired by those smells that a trip to a remote and exotic land left in our senses. A trip , a passion, a perfume, three possible stories that intersect in a single,  Viaje a Ceylán.

Client:Viaje a Ceylán
Date: February 11, 2014