Social Media

Since the advent of Web 2.0, we have been living in a new internet era of social networking. This shift has redefined the relationship between brands and users. Before social networks, the internet was unidirectional, they communicated and we listened.

Today, there are new rules of play and a new language, which is different from the classical visual arguments in advertising. It is about creating trust and complicity, in order to build a relationship that positions the brand among the consumers’ favourites, thus allowing for sales.

Interruption marketing gives way to permission marketing, in which subtlety and empathy are key in getting messages across to the consumer. With our “Social CRM” tools brands can monetize their social network presence and generate valid records for Database marketing strategies.


The most important factor is to define a 2.0 strategy that is integrated into your company’s digital marketing plan. We then create a powerful digital identity, define profiles in the most suitable platforms for each brand, and train our clients in the use of these tools so that they can be autonomous in the medium-term. We analyse the most important metrics for each action, which allows us to correct or refine strategies such as managing and evaluating our clients’ online reputation, creating profiles that facilitate the monetisation of investments into sales, and creating branded content strategies.  These are some of our agency’s points of action.